Almost forgot

That would’ve been an awful beginning to a month where I’m supposed to be posting daily…whoops.

I drove to the video store. In a town where everything is within very reasonable walking distance, I drove 2 minutes instead of walking 15. Granted, every day is chillier than the one before it, and I haven’t yet dug out my sweaters and long-sleeve shirts (except for a couple I never put away just in case). I need to dig them out for this weekend.

I had another of those encounters today where I saw someone in my direction from way down the street, and where I totally noticed that he was staring at me the entire time he walked, almost unblinkingly. As I got closer, he started glancing around conspicuously, and very conveniently looked away just as I bowed to him, and continued to stare as we passed each other. Ugh.

Jennifer, a friend from my GTSO days, is doing NaBloPoMo as well, and her latest entry is about dropping an earring stud down her bathroom sink drain. Did I mention that I dropped a fork down my kitchen sink a few months ago? I’d removed the mesh food-catching drain cover to clean it off, and when it did, the fork teetered and slipped in before I could catch it. I now wonder if I dropped a knife down it at some point, because I’ve been missing the duller of my two sharp knives for a while.

Okay, on to the recap portion of this entry…

Tuesday night was an eikaiwa Halloween party–Julie, Brian, and Sally combined their eikaiwas. It was a lot of fun! There were some really good and really cute costumes there, and I recognized some people and met a bunch of others, and had some really good conversations with a lot of friendly people. There was also a bunch of vegetarian food (including some very awesome 100% vegetarian yakisoba!), because Sally’s a pescetarian. That was a really pleasant surprise.

My costume’s continued to be very well received; the teachers at my second elementary school today were so taken by it that one of them had me pose with several random students who hadn’t yet gone to lunch so she could snap a photo, and several others asked to try on my hat, and were ecstatic when I offered them the wings. Some very hilarious photos involving these normally composed teachers striking rather sultry poses soon followed.

I haven’t packed a thing for Hiroshima/Miyajima (though I did do laundry, and I found the fleece that I thought had flown over the edge–it turns out I hadn’t even washed it yet, though I was positive that I had…at least it isn’t lost!). Luckily, I’m not planning on leaving till 1 PM, so I have time in the morning. A bunch of ALTs are going camping in Iya this weekend–I’d decided I wanted to use the weekend to travel, though, but they’re meeting at Awa-Ikeda Station and leaving in a carpool caravan from there, so I’ll go hang out with them before catching my train. It isn’t often that so many people from all over are in my corner of the prefecture!

Okay, that’s enough for now. Well, one more thing: black tea with honey is bliss. Pure bliss. But yeah, now that’s all.

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