Sick days

I’ve been home sick since yesterday (that’s “home sick,” as in, “I’ve fallen ill,” not “homesick”), though I’ll probably be well enough to go back to work tomorrow. I had flulike symptoms yesterday, minus the sneezing and coughing, and I’ve just been pretty weak and achey. I only realized yesterday after the local clinic closed for the day that this was more than just fatigue, so I went in today and am on meds for the next few days. And just as the doctor predicted, these meds are giving me a fever, but that’s a known side effect. (Ugh.) Hopefully I can make it in tomorrow.

‘Tis the season, I guess–quite a few of my kids have been out sick this week as well. The change in weather came suddenly and sharply. Chalice and Ashley both are feeling under the weather, too.

I also discovered yesterday that even if you sling a full plastic grocery bag several feet, it’s possible for everything inside to remain intact. I was walking home from the grocery store and felt something ticklish on my bag-toting hand. I glanced down and saw something neon green and big on my wrist and hand, and before I could stop myself, I let out a yell and let the bag fly. Luckily, nobody was around to stare/point and laugh/what-have-you, even though it happened right in front of the cafe/karaoke bar of one of my eikaiwa students.

The crappy side effect of being sick with fatigue, though, is that even though you’re at home, you’re too sluggish to get up and do anything, like clean, or do any of the around-the-apartment stuff you’ve been meaning to do. I spent several hours last weekend assembling a couple of new bookshelves, and I could have organized the clutter on my desk and kotatsu into those, but I just sat in my tatami room all day and putzed around.

So yeah, this was yet another Pointless Blog Post. I really have nothing of note, besides, “I’m sick,” and I somehow spent 4 paragraphs on that. Wow.

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