Found my first roach last night. I had all the lights off but the TV and was lying down, and I saw this black thing dart down the wall. I freaked out and jumped up and turned on the light–and breathed a huge sigh of relief as I saw that it was not a poisonous centipede. It sparked some crazy roach-related dreams last night, though.

As far as I know, he’s still hiding in the oshiire because I didn’t want him running around (and potentially on me) overnight. As soon as he ran under the door, I stuffed a towel under there to keep him in. I want to go ask my landlords to please put together some more of those roach trap things (which I had in my previous apartment but never needed because I never had bug issues in there…they’re like garlic, onion, and benzene or some such; roaches are attracted to the garlic and onion, but upon eating the chemical, it’ll kill them instantly), and I want to go pick up some bug spray of my own. And while it does make me cringe to think it’s running around where a lot of my clothes and extra bedding are, since roaches just feel dirty, I can at least wash those if I have to.

I also haven’t pulled off any of my day-trips, sadly…maybe I’ll head somewhere for the afternoon or something, just to get out for a while, but I want to get stuff taken care of here first, including finishing up my lesson plans for tomorrow. I’ve kind of taken my own time with organizing, and I’m almost done, but it’s still pretty cluttered, and I need to start decorating and hit up several stores in town for stuff.

The matsuri last night was cute! I ran into several dozen of my kids there, elementary and junior high–it was weird being recognized so often, since they live some distance away and it’s rare that I run into them here. Julie came into Ikeda straight after a day in the city, and we just bought food from the stalls and hung out and caught what ended up being a really cool fireworks show. The weather wasn’t as hot, since the sun had set, and we were away from the sweat-inducing stalls and the press of the crowd there, which gave us some breathing room. All in all, a really nice summer night.

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