Back from the weekend

Too much to write and not enough wakefulness left in me tonight…but just checking in to let you all know that I’m back, Jam Camp was a blast*, and the sleeping bag ended up doing all right. (Though I swear, whoever designed it was drunk at the time, because how could it possibly be a good idea to have both sets of sleeping bag ties on one side, thus letting you only tie down one half of the sleeping bag and let the other half spill open?)

*that’s an understatement, to be sure. It’s rare that I come across such a refreshing, inspirational, and genuinely warm and caring group of people such as this. I feel like I’ve known them for months, and not just several days. And thanks to them, my musical horizons have been blown way open.

In more site-related news, however, I may have to take down some of the videos, because it turns out that the surge in web space usage as a result of uploading those, coupled with an unexpected and enormous surge in the size of a cache file on my account that I’m not allowed to touch, actually pushed me over my (1 gig) web space limit! I’m still not completely clear as to how this has happened, but I’ll probably begin investigating ways to resize and shrink down all my movies into more manageable sizes to save a big chunk of space.

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